Mono Printing Method 1

It occurred to me while I was writing the last post that I had been talking about mono printing but had never actually posted any information on what to do. I’m sure loads and loads of teachers know what to do already but in case you don’t know, or have forgotten because you did it […]


Strip Baubles

Before you wonder, the title of this blog post does not refer to some kind of dodgy game!! Instead, this is an idea that uses existing artworks such as mono prints to make Christmas baubles made of strips. Frequently, I used to find that mono printing or some other tasks would create a big pile […]


Collage with Contrasting Materials

Today’s idea is very simple and straightforward but is entirely valid for all that. Simple ideas allow for the skills and concepts to be firmly embedded and understood. This idea can also be connected to other curriculum subjects. We will be looking at contrasting materials which can be connected to the study of materials in […]


Animal Patterns

Here we are, back to relatively normal posts at last! I, for one, am a bit relieved to be thinking about something other than Christmas card designs for a change. As promised, I will do a post or two on decorations for the classroom at a later date but for now we are firmly back […]


Painted Patterns for Christmas Cards

Today’s idea goes way, way back to a post I did in June 2014 about painting patterns. The aim was to improve brush control and therefore develop skills and techniques by painting careful controlled patterns. You can see the original post here. I’ve come up with a way to use this same idea for Christmas […]


Tonal Colour Mixing for Christmas

Hello again everyone. Today’s idea is suitable for all age groups but would need adapting or simplifying for Key Stage 1. We will be using simple outline Christmas motifs so the younger children would need a simpler shape such as a star or a holly leaf while older children could use an angel, a Santa […]


Textured Collage Baubles

Here’s another idea for your Christmas card designs, or they could be used for decorations closer to the end of term. This idea is based on the work of Landscape artist Richard Long. I did some ideas based on his work back in February 2015 and you can find the original post here, along with […]


Plasticene Printing

The first time I blogged about this idea was back in March 2015 – you can read the original post here. The idea is to create a printing block by impressing into Plasticene (or other similar modelling material) then using it to print with. This idea is aimed at KS1 children although it is pretty […]