Beware – Christmas is coming!!!

Yes, you have read that correctly! I just wanted to let you know that I will be starting to post ideas for the APFS Christmas Card Project roughly halfway through August. I know to some of you that may seem horribly early, but we work with a lot of schools in Scotland and they will […]


Texture for KS2 – part 3

Hi everyone, Summer seems to have finally arrived here in Suffolk although it is breezy and a bit chilly up here on our little (Suffolk) hill as I write this. I qualify it as a Suffolk hill because for those of you in much hillier parts of the UK it would probably look like no […]


Texture for KS2 – Collagraph Blocks

Hello! A bumper and rather long post today as this week’s lesson idea actually covers two lessons but I’m putting them together in this one post. I’ll make it clear where the first part ends and the second begins so that you can plan how far to go. A collagraph print block is one where […]

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Texture for KS2 – Patterned Papers

Hello, Hello! A new idea today – looking at methods of making texture – and, as a result pattern – onto painted paper. This is a fabulous exploratory type of process which really helps stretch the more able while still being completely accessible for children who find Art more challenging. Not only are we looking […]

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Texture for Key Stage 1 – Lesson 3 Fabric Pegging

Hello Again, This is the last in this short series of lessons on Texture for KS1 and it involves linear designs and scraps of fabric in a method called fabric pegging. One of the best things is that the cost is very small as it uses what are essentially scrap materials. The idea is to […]


Exploring Paint Textures – KS1

Hello Again, This is the second post in the new series on Texture for Key Stage 1. This is a very experimental task and can link easily to the topic of ‘Materials’ in Science if you want to make it cross-curricular. The focus of this task is on mixing a variety of materials into ready […]

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Texture for Key Stage 1

Hello Again Everyone! It’s been incredibly warm here in Suffolk until yesterday and today. Typical British summer that I once heard described as “2 hot days and a thunderstorm”. No thunderstorm but plenty of rain and a significant dip in temperature. It’s that time of year when you never know what to wear because it’s […]


New Shoes – Part 3

Hi Everyone,   Just a quick post to finish off the shoe project. If you haven’t already, then I really do hope you try this one with your class. It’s a lot of fun and incorporates plenty of skills and learning opportunities with it. The final part is to paint and/or decorate the shoes. I’ve […]