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Texture for Key Stage 1 – Lesson 3 Fabric Pegging

Hello Again, This is the last in this short series of lessons on Texture for KS1 and it involves linear designs and scraps of fabric in a method called fabric pegging. One of the best things is that the cost is very small as it uses what are essentially scrap materials. The idea is to […]


Exploring Paint Textures – KS1

Hello Again, This is the second post in the new series on Texture for Key Stage 1. This is a very experimental task and can link easily to the topic of ‘Materials’ in Science if you want to make it cross-curricular. The focus of this task is on mixing a variety of materials into ready […]

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Texture for Key Stage 1

Hello Again Everyone! It’s been incredibly warm here in Suffolk until yesterday and today. Typical British summer that I once heard described as “2 hot days and a thunderstorm”. No thunderstorm but plenty of rain and a significant dip in temperature. It’s that time of year when you never know what to wear because it’s […]


New Shoes – Part 3

Hi Everyone,   Just a quick post to finish off the shoe project. If you haven’t already, then I really do hope you try this one with your class. It’s a lot of fun and incorporates plenty of skills and learning opportunities with it. The final part is to paint and/or decorate the shoes. I’ve […]

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New Shoes Part 2

So, a few days have passed and my brown paper shoe is fully dried out and ready to be turned into a shoe for a character, person from history, storybook character, hero from myth or fableĀ  . . . . . I don’t know why I was so surprised but it does still fit me […]


Adventures in 3D – making new shoes!

Hello Again. I thought it was about time I ventured into something a bit more three-dimensional as I know this is an area that many primary teachers feel less confident about. Some of you no doubt fling a bit of 3D work around on a regular basis but I know lots of teachers who find […]


Lesson 5 – Blind Contour Drawing

Hello Everyone, This is the last lesson in the Shape for KS2 series – it continues and consolidates the previous lesson by moving on to blind contour drawing. We use all the same skills as in Lesson 4 but the main point is to concentrate solely on the object being drawn and not to look […]

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Shape for KS2 – Lesson 4 Contour Drawing

Hi Everyone, I hope everyone had a really good break over Easter? It goes by sooooo fast, doesn’t it? Here’s lesson 4 in the current series on Shape for KS2. This lesson is all about contour drawing. This style of drawing is about the outline of a shape, drawing the outside and, mostly, omitting the […]


Shape for KS2 – Lesson 3 Fauvist Paintings

I found this idea contained in the Art scheme that is widely used in Suffolk schools called ‘Art & Design in Suffolk Key Stages 1 & 2’. I’ve tweaked the idea a bit to make it suit my teaching style and would recommend that you do this when you find ideas in other schemes. You […]

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Lesson 2 – Painted Shapes on Fabric

Hi Everyone, Here is Lesson 2 in the new series ‘Shape for Key Stage 2’. We are taking a ramble around a wide variety of media and techniques – today, painting on fabric. It’s only small pieces so don’t panic!! (admit it . . . . one or two of you were!) We are using […]